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Dingsheng Golden City is a residential project in Qiaocheng District, Bozhou City. It is located in Guangming West Road, Bozhou Industrial Park. To the north is the new campus of Bozhou No. 2 Middle School under construction. To the west is the planned logistics and medicine trading market. It is a residential area for future urban development in Qiaocheng District and a large-scale residential community settled in Bozhou Industrial Park. It has unique development advantages. The Dingsheng Golden City project covers a total area of 155000 hectares and a building area of 360000 square meters. There are a total of 59 buildings constructed in three phases, with 18 residential buildings planned to be delivered and put into use in September 2012. The Dingsheng Golden City project is designed according to the high planning standards of the Bozhou Industrial Park. The architectural design fully respects the original texture and environmental characteristics of the project's geographical conditions, and adopts a new Mediterranean urban style architectural facade, emphasizing the grandeur and elegance of the building, reflecting the harmony between people, architecture, and nature. Multiple story western-style houses, small high-rise buildings, and high-rise residential styles are set up, so that the scattered levels of the skyline and the beautiful building facade complement each other, Create a rich architectural landscape and High culture. Introducing the concept of classic gardens, combined with the integration of planning, architecture, and landscape design, using smooth and fashionable modern landscape design techniques, with the layout of "two axes" (landscape main axis), "two centers" (water features), and "six courtyards" (six major landscape clusters), through the seasonal creation of beautiful water features and plants, and the penetration of various landscape elements such as natural and wild stones, corridors, etc., to achieve a good landscape for every household within the community, Make going home a landscape visual journey.

Property name: Golden City is about to go public

Reference price: 5500 yuan/square meter

Opening time: September 1st, 2017

Developer: Anhui Dingsheng Real Estate Co., Ltd

Property type: residential and commercial

Tel: 010-400-000-0000

Address: [Qiaocheng District] Guangming West Road, Bozhou Industrial Park

Project progress: Golden City Latest progress report Phase 4: The fastest construction to above the third floor

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