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Xxx employs a property management company with national first-class qualification to provide five-star property management services for owners, including 24-hour security, the creation of a clean living atmosphere in the community, public green care, electronic intelligent systems and other public services, as well as professional personal property customization services, to provide owners with personalized "butler service". The property management company will carefully create a comfortable and clean living environment for property owners, ensure their property safety, and enable them to enjoy five-star property services from the first step of entering xxx.

Full service, taking care of your life with care

Security services: 24-hour security monitoring, electronic intelligent access control, etc.

Parking lot management services: valet car shooting services, car cleaning services, parking lot security services, etc.

Garden services: trimming grass/branches, caring for swimming pools/fish pools, etc.

Leisure and entertainment services: entertainment facility services, bar services, etc.

Other services: maintenance and management services such as public environmental sanitation.

Five star butler, caring for your property

Property maintenance services: indoor cleaning services, indoor facilities, swimming pool cleaning services, etc.

Maintenance services: water/electricity/home appliance maintenance, decoration engineering, etc.

Other personalized customized services: private gardening maintenance, private secretary, business services, asset management services (providing rental services for property owners), etc.

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